Identification technologies present a fast moving and complex problem for all industries. Rapid developments have created opportunities to gain real business benefits from their use. These technologies are already having a major impact on the world aerospace industry but experience from manufacturers and service companies in other sectors suggests that business cases can be difficult to make and benefits difficult to realize. A complex background of guidelines and regulations govern the sector. The Boeing-Airbus RFID forums are facilitating discussion of the needs of the aerospace industry with the objective of harmonizing regulatory frameworks worldwide. Major concerns in the aerospace sector include:

  • Configuration control of life-limited and rotable components in aircraft
  • Counterfeit part substitution
  • Reducing operational costs through more automated production and distribution
  • Access to accurate, up-to-date data

Sponsors of the programme were able to:

  • Benefit from independent research with detailed reports, meetings and sector wide discussions
  • Steer the research focus on particular issues of your own interest
  • Become an early adopter of this technology and gain competitive advantage
  • Help shape the Aerospace market for automated ID.